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Minimal CSS framework for flat and clean designs ยท Siimple
Minimal CSS framework for flat and clean designs.
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Latest version v1.3.7

About Siimple

Siimple is a minimal and responsive CSS framework for flat and clean designs, build with SASS/SCSS. The framework also comes with a 5Kb minimized version. It provides a clean and fast starting point for your front-end developments.

Siimple is licensed under the MIT License. It means that you can use, modify and redistribute it without restrictions :)

Getting Started

Read the getting started guide for information about how to download and install Siimple, or read the reference guide for view all the components.

Want to contribute?

You can contribute with Siimple installing it and submitting issues and pull requests :)

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Made with by Josemi Juanes using Siimple.

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